About AdInte

Adinte’s Features

  • Extensive delivery menu

    Extensive delivery menu

    ・Re-targeting delivery
    ・Audience targeting delivery
    ・Categories match delivery
    ・And more…

  • View Through Conversion measurement

    View Through Conversion measurement

    In addition to the measurement of directCV, indirect CV also trackable as attribution analysis

  • Setting a Delivery Time

    Setting a Delivery Time

    Delivery ratio setting by time

  • Report


    Graphical reports, download the various reports by the Excel format

  • Area setting

    Area setting

    Ad delivered by useing a Wifi connection information history of the user

  • OS / Mobile Carrier specified delivery

    OS / Mobile Carrier

    Ad delivered to a specific mobile carriers or OS

  • Frequency setting

    Frequency setting

    Setting of ad impressions to the same user (by one day,by one month)

  • Simple designed Management screen

    Simple designed Management screen

    Delivery management function. (adjustment of delivery media by CTR and conversion) Effect measurement of each creative

  • Time optimization

    Time optimization

    Automatically optimize the delivery time by the system.